Vegetable Chart - Bamboo Shoot Nutrition Printables

Vegetable Chart - Bamboo Shoot Nutrition Printables brings together a nice collection of printable nutrition worksheets in a variety of forms for use at home or at school.

We think we've come up with a printable bamboo shoot chart for every occasion, but if you think of something else you'd like to see on our charts, do drop us a comment in the facebook box at the bottom of the page!


Printable Vegetable Charts Bamboo Shoot Nutrition

To use our printables simply right click and open in a new tab to bring up a bigger image. Then either print it out or save it to your computer.

Bamboo Shoot Nutrition Summary

This is a quick printable vegetable chart for bamboo shoot nutrition facts on the go.
Would you like to know

  • When to Buy bamboo shoots.
  • How to Keep and Store bamboo shoots.
  • How to Grow your Own bamboo shoots.
  • Some interesting bamboo shoot Vegetable Facts.
  • Health Benefits of Eating bamboo shoots.

We have added more helpful information on our in depth bamboo shoots nutrition info page.

Bamboo Shoot Nutrition

Bamboo Shoot Super Power:

  • Helps improve appetite

Bamboo Shoot Nutrition Facts

  • Riboflavin
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Manganese

Ideas for Cooking Bamboo Shoots

  • Stir fry it
  • Add to soups
  • Pickle it
  • Ferment it

Bamboo Shoots Nutrition Worksheets

  • our free printable vegetable charts can be used as teacher and nutritionist resources to create a variety of worksheets.

  • here the bamboo shoots nutrition chart has been left empty so it can be filled in by students studying about the nutritional benefits of bamboo shoots.

Bamboo Shoot Nutrition Charts for Children

Children need to know what the food they eat looks like and what it is called. Our printable collection of bamboo shoot nutrition worksheets help to do this through handwriting and spelling practice, or alternative the blank charts could be used to encourage drawing skills by getting the children to create their own picture.

B is for Bamboo Shoot- Letter Recognition Printables

These bamboo shoot letter recognition printables will help children to learn their alphabet whilst also learning the names of vegetables. Win win!

B is for Bamboo Shoot - Handwriting Practice Printables

We've used the Jardotty font to create these little handwriting practice printables and created lines underneath for the children to have a go at writing without tracing the letters too.

Bamboo Shoot Spelling Practice and Vegetable Recognition

So many children (and adults) aren't able to recognise vegetables by sight these days. We think it's important for all children to know what their food looks like, so we have created these recognition printables that double up as spelling practice too! We've created two levels of difficulty -  the hangman style one should give a bit of a helping hand to children who aren't so strong at their spelling by showing them how many letters they need to write.

Bamboo Shoot Pictures

If you just want a bamboo shoot photo without any added extras then feel free to use these images for your food diary, nutrition essay or school homework - please credit us with a link to this page if you are using them on a website. 

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