Primal Girl Magic Dough Recipes

What did we do before we started creating Primal Girl Magic Dough recipes? 

I think there was a lot of frustration, and I know that there were an awful lot of glutenated falls from the wagon, even though they resulted in chronic pain for days afterwards. Such is the pull of tasty foods like pizza.

Once we'd made the pizza and rolls, we really took to experimenting to see what else this wonder dough could do, and we were delighted with the results!

This page is our little online shrine to Magic Dough - oh okay that's probably going a little overboard, this page is the home to our growing collection of primal dough recipes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

primal girl magic dough paleo bread roll burger bun

Seriously, can you believe that's a paleo bread roll? Well, it is!

Primal Girl Magic Dough- What is it?

primal girl magic dough paleo tortillas in tortilla warmer

Tortillas keeping warm in this insulated warmer ready to be made into fajitas.

Magic dough is a recipe that Tara Grant of Primal Girl invented. It is the best paleo friendly base for pizza we have tried. Nut free, unlike so many paleo baking recipes, it comes with paleo and primal versions and a wealth of instructions for crackers, rolls and of course pizza.

We can't tell you what the ingredients are as that would, to all intent and purpose, be stealing as Tara sells the recipe, but for the minuscule sum of $3.95 you really haven't got much if anything to lose by buying it. The recipe is pretty adaptable too, we have made a variety of versions using different ingredients, and they pretty much all work out just great.

Our Primal Girl Magic Dough Recipe Collection

So far for your delectation we have:

Scrummy Enchiladas

Lightly Spiced Samosas

Fit for a King Boeuf en Croute

Crunchy Nachos

Perfect Pretzels

Lazy Weekend French Toast

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