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"It's thought the paleo diet may help with protection against developing diabetes because it eliminates almost all processed food and is very high in fruits and vegetables," says  the researcher leading a new study into whether the Paleo Diet can help protect against heart disease and diabetes. Read more about this paleo diet study by Edith Cowan University 

The food we eat makes a political statement - most people will be aware that where we spend our money sends a message to farmers and supermarkets. What many may not be aware of is is that our food is subject to the twists and turns of the world political stage. For instance the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation) price index has reported that global food prices have risen to their highest level since May 2013. Why? It seems that the crisis in the Crimea has sent grain markets into a spin, with forecasters suggesting that the fear of another Cold War type situation could lead countries to panic buy wheat! 

Perhaps if the world were to lessen its obsession with grains and follow a paleo diet, things other than the health of billions of people might change. Something to think about.

Have you seen the article in yesterday's Telegraph? My friend Elaine sent it to me this morning - seems like paleo may be headed for the mainstream. A much more supportive article than the one written in January. I'm fascinated by one of the comments that suggests that milk and potatoes contain all that is needed to live, and that the evidence for this is supported by the lower mortality rate of Irish children in the 1800s. 

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