Meat and Two Veg - redefining the maligned, Paleo style!

Meat and two veg has become something of a joke here in the UK - a euphemism for a dull, boring, typically British meal, (there's another euphemism too... imagine a carrot and couple of brussel sprouts... got it? Think male anatomy if not!)

But this simple way of eating stood us in good stead for centuries, until we were lured away with such exotic wheat laden goodies as pasta, pizza and naan bread.

Redefining meat and two veg with these frugal British recipes suitable for a gluten free diet or paleo diet from

Here at Creatively Paleo we intend to redefine the boring, and help us all regain our health and waistlines whilst we're at it!

A Brief History of Meat and Two Veg

The traditional British diet has been pushed aside in the last 30 or so years in favour of more exotic dishes.

Many of us of a certain age will remember spongy, over cooked vegetables and ropey meat smothered in lumpy, flavourless gravy - school meals in the 70s and 80s were NOT the thing of fond memories! 

The modern and convenient has replaced the ancient and *dull*; to our detriment.

It has been said that Britons were at their healthiest during World War 2, surprising you might think as this was a time of food scarcity and the resulting rationing.

It isn't really so surprising though when you think that families had to be inventive with their ingredients, and there was a massive upsurge in growing your own food - in fact it was every Briton's patriotic duty to grow their own  as we can see from the Dig for Victory campaign.

The information provided by the government is still incredibly useful to this day. The vintage posters, and the attitude that they convey, have seen a recent resurgence of interest as more and more families find themselves pressed financially and turn once more to growing their own.

From a Paleo diet point of view, you don't get much more primal than meat and two veg, indeed research from the archaeobiology laboratory at the Smithsonian National Museum of of Natural History in Washington, suggests that our Neanderthal ancestors most likely existed on a very British kind of diet! You can read more details of the findings in this newspaper article from 2010.

We will be adding Classic British Recipes every week, all of which will of course be guaranteed suitable for a gluten free diet, and will give an interesting paleo diet friendly take on all the great dishes. So check back regularly or follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest, or alternatively you can always sign up for our newsletter by filling in the details below.

Meat and Two Veg - Recipe Collection

Cottage Pie Recipe

Redefining meat and two veg with these frugal British recipes suitable for a gluten free diet or paleo diet from

Bacon Wrapped Pork Fillet

Redefining meat and two veg with these frugal British recipes suitable for a gluten free diet or paleo diet from
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Why not try our cottage pie recipe - a classic meat and two veg dish

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