Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe Collection

Who knew there were so many gluten free pancakes to make? Here is our growing collection of options from the savoury to the sweet - they are all sure to go down a treat with the family when you serve some up for Sunday brunch!

Nutritional Information

We are now including a wider set of nutritional data with our recipes - older recipes will gradually be updated to include the traffic light labelling system and RDAs of certain vitamins/minerals/trace elements. These are just guidelines and shouldn't be taken as exact science as we use a nutritional calculator to work out the figures not a test lab.

The Creatively Paleo Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe Collection

I will be adding more  pancake recipes over the coming weeks so do keep checking back to see which of our kitchen experiments make it to these pages. 

These seedy little numbers are probably the healthiest gluten free pancake option on this site, but they are also a bit of a faff to make. See what you think and let us know.

These are the crepe style of pancake - the type you want to toss up to the ceiling on pancake day. Serve them with sweet or savoury fillings or use them as wraps for picnic lunches.

Perfect gluten free scotch pancakes or drop scones as we also know them, super quick to make with no faffy instructions!

Yes, blue pancakes! These are great for the smurf fan in the family! Gluten free blueberry pancakes with a zesty twist if you fancy shaking things up a bit.

Pancake Day in the UK

In the UK pancakes are traditionally eaten on Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday - the day before Lent begins. The idea is to use up all of the indulgent ingredients lurking in your pantries and larders in one last blow out before the 40 days of penitence to come.

Pancake races are run in various parts of the country - more particularly England - participants must wear a scarf and apron, and if men want to take part they must dress up as housewives in order to compete.

The traditional is said to have started in the village of Olney in Buckinghamshire in 1445 when a housewife was ran to church whilst still tossing her pancakes!  570 years of pancake days is no mean feat (though it may surprise the US folk who were bemoaning the crazy idea of a national pancake day on instagram this year (2015) though there has been an international pancake day race between Olney and Liberal, Kansas since 1950.

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