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Here you will find all of our gluten free recipe books in one easy to find place.

We currently have 3 products in stock:

  1. A Free Family Guide
  2. The Ice Cream Emporium
  3. The Festive Feast

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10% of all profits go to organic food charities - 1 in the UK and 1 in the USA. The rest goes towards the costs of running this website and supporting our family.

1. Our Free Guide to Primalising/Paleofying your Family

Take the easiest route to transforming your family's diet with our FREE 7 Steps to Primalize Your Family Guide from

As a loving parent you want to instil good eating habits that will last your child a lifetime. You know that that is going to take commitment, patience, effort and flexibility. You might be feeling rather daunted but if you follow our time proven tips, it needn’t be unduly difficult, honestly!

The tips that we are sharing with you here are all tried and tested on our children who range in age from seventeen to five; they have all helped to put this guide together so you can be assured that these are genuinely child friendly tips!

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2. The Creatively Paleo Ice Cream Emporium

Are you craving a pint of thick, creamy, flavour filled dairy ice cream?

Are your kids driving you to distraction, begging for store bought ice cream, that contains hidden pockets of gluten?

Are you failing before you even give a new way of eating a go, because you don't want to imagine life without ice cream?

We know how you feel! That is why we created the Creatively Paleo Ice Cream Emporium!

For just $10 you get all of these goodies delivered to your inbox

  • Immediate access to over 70 incredible recipes including...
  • 54 amazing ice cream flavours from the traditional to the inventive
  • Sauces, toppings, baked goods and serving suggestions to make killer desserts
  • 9 instructional videos that walk you through all the processes 
  • A wealth of tips and suggestions
  • Beautiful original full colour photographs
  • Inspiring and motivating copy
  • A lifetime's supply of healthy, tasty, treat choices for your whole family
  • Learn more and see some of the recipe photos HERE

3. The Festive Feast

Are you looking for tasty, traditional, Paleo Christmas Recipes?

Are you longing for a nut and gluten free Christmas Pudding or mince pie recipe?

Are you desperate for a clean, but utterly mouthwatering sophisticated adult dessert?

Looking for some christmas baking recipes that you can do with the children?

Are you bored of turkey? Fancy something a bit different for this year's Christmas dinner?

Tired of boring steamed vegetables and looking to give them a bit more umph?

Do you want to showcase how amazing a paleo diet can be to your sceptical friends and family?

For only $10 you get all of this inspiration in your inbox

  • Christmas Morning Breakfast Pancakes 
  • Minced Bacon Sauerkraut 
  • Chorizo Pretzels 
  • French Onion Soup 
  • Cranberry and Clove Rack of Lamb 
  • Krautslaw 
  • Garlicky Bacon Brussels 
  • Maple Roasted Carrots and Parsnips 
  • Spicy Roast Broccoli & Cauliflower 
  • Pumpkin Mash with Cranberries 
  • Apple & Celeriac Mash 
  • Cider Braised Beetroot Noodles 
  • Roast Winter Squash
  • Best Roast Potatoes 
  • Carrot and Swede Mash 
  • Pigs in blankets with bratwurst 
  • Sage & onion stuffing 
  • Sausage Rolls 
  • Slow cooked beef in red wine 
  • Christmas Ham 
  • Roasted Duck Crown
  • Boeuf en Croute 
  • Best Roast Chicken & vegetables 
  • Chicken Gravy 
  • Cranberry Sauce 
  • Stollen 
  • Coconut Sugar Icing 
  • Marzipan 
  • Mulled Apple Juice (or cider) 
  • Lebkuchen 
  • Apricot Jam 
  • Raw Chocolate 
  • Decadent Boozy Chocolate Slice 
  • Mince Pies 
  • Mincemeat 
  • Pastry 
  • Chocolate Yule Log
  • Coconut Cream 
  • Chocolate Custard 
  • Figgy Christmas Pudding

See some of the recipe photos HERE

Creatively Paleo- Helping The Planet With You

Because we believe in giving something back, and because food safety and sustainability is of huge importance to us, 10% of all profits will be going to two organisations....

In the US the Organic Consumers Association and in the UK The Soil Association.

We feel passionately that these organisations do work that is of paramount importance, we hope you'll agree! 

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