Paleo Chicken Recipes

Our chicken recipes collection shows just how versatile a meat it is, and how easy it is to create nutritious, tasty recipes that are suitable for those following a paleo diet, which makes these recipes perfect for those looking for gluten free and dairy free recipes.

A whole organic chicken is excellent value for money if you use the carcass to make your own highly nutritious chicken stock or bone broth too (learn how at the bottom of this page). Alternatively chicken thighs are excellent value for money and much more nutrient rich than chicken breasts.

paleo recipes chicken recipes organic chicken from the UK

Paleo Chicken Recipes 

Aromatic, Persian Inspired Aash e Reshte

paleo recipes chicken recipes gluten free persian recipe

Super tasty deluxe Chicken Burger

paleo recipes chicken recipes chicken burger recipe

Creamy garlic and basil chicken fricassee 

paleo recipes chicken recipes basil and garlic chicken fricasse

Sweet and sour recipe for chicken

sweet and sour recipe for chicken from suitable for gluten free and paleo diets

Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup

Thai Red Curry Recipe

paleo recipes chicken recipes gluten free chicken noodle soup

Tastier than it looks Chicken Curry

paleo recipes chicken recipes chicken curry recipe

Classic Chicken and Ham Pie

paleo recipes chicken recipes gluten free chicken and ham pies

Flavoursome Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole

paleo recipes chicken recipes slowcooker chicken casserole

Chicken Enchiladas

paleo recipes chicken recipes gluten free enchilada recipe

Chicken, Pineapple and Coconut Curry

paleo recipes chicken recipes chicken pineapple and coconut curry

Thai Green Curry Recipe

Creamy and mild Chicken Korma Recipe

paleo recipes chicken recipes chicken korma recipe

Making Chicken Stock With the Carcass

how to make your own health giving chicken bone broth

Making your own chicken stock or bone broth couldn't be easier.

We like to make stock with the remains of the carcass after we've roasted a whole chicken.

Here's what you do:

  1. Strip the carcass of as much of the remaining meat as you can and put it aside to use in a curry, or cold in a salad.
  2. Place the carcass into the slow cooker with 2 onions (including skins) cut in half, 4 stalks of celery, 2 carrots cut in half, a couple of bay leaves, 8 peppercorns and 1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar.
  3. Top the slow cooker up with hot water and put on a high heat until it starts to simmer.
  4. Turn down to a low heat and leave for 24 hours (more if you want).
  5. After 24 hours strain the stock through a sieve and put in the fridge, or scoop up a cupful and drink it!
  6. The stock 'should' set overnight into a beautiful gelatinous goop, however this can be a bit hit and miss so if yours doesn't don't worry, it's still perfectly useable.
  7. If you don't plan on making a soup with the stock, divide up into plastic boxes and pop it in the freezer which will ensure you always have a ready supply of fabulously tasty and nutritious home made chicken bone broth on hand.

If you can get hold of chicken feet then pop those in with the carcass too, these should create a really gelatinous broth. Make sure to source organic chicken wherever possible.

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