Cauliflower Rice Paleo Recipe

by Isobel

Cauliflower Rice Paleo Recipe

Cauliflower Rice Paleo Recipe

Cauliflower Rice Paleo Recipe
Cauliflower Rice Paleo Recipe - Browned Organic Butter
Cauliflower Rice Paleo Recipe adding shredded cauliflower Dill Mixure

HI Pru

We tried your gluten free recipe using cauliflower instead of rice . Now I know that rice is meant to be gluten free but for a full paleo friendly recipe even rice is classed as a grain so we were happy to find an alternative to rice cooking.

We are on a dairy free diet too but can tolerate an occasional dairy treat of organic butter so we changed your cauliflower rice recipe a little bit by adding a dollop of butter, waiting until it was browned , with a sprinkling of turmeric and a good helping of dried dill.

That tasted really well, and as we had no stock we just added plain filtered water and it turned out nicely, all our family had second helpings.

I include a picture of how we served your cauliflower rice with our chicken stir fry, including courgette and leeks. Thanks also for the tip about the himalayan pink salt , what a discovery , it adds a quite different kind of salty flavour to the rice recipe.

So as to your questions
Changed by adding organic butter and dried Dill
Served with Chicken Stirfry

Looking forward to trying more gluten free recipe ideas soon


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