Great British Recipes - British Classics Made Paleo

British Recipes are often set aside as a bit boring or bland, but actually there are lots of really tasty British meals that can compete with the best of international cuisine.

As an English Paleo family sometimes it can be a bit frustrating to find that the paleo recipes and cook books are pretty much all American, because there are lots of ingredients that it's just not possible to get over here.

Along with redefining meat and two veg, we want to share some Great British recipes that have been adapted to be suitable for those looking for gluten free food ideas or paleo recipes. 

Great British Recipes - What to Expect

We'll be bringing you soups, starters, main courses, desserts and much more.

We will try to focus on British ingredients as much as possible, so although there will be the occasional exotic ingredient, they won't be the main stay of these recipes.

We are blessed to have some excellent meat in this country - almost all of our large livestock is grassfed - the bull on the left for instance! You can see the remains of his last meal on his snout! I had to get awfully close to him for this photo, but I love it.

We also have some excellent fruit and vegetable growers - we have an excellent organic movement here which provides us with delicious and healthy fruit and veg, often grown locally and delivered to your door step through organic box schemes.

Time to cook up a proper British feast!

Great British Recipes - A Collection of the Best of British Fayre


Leek and Notato Soup

Mulligatawny Soup

Light Meals


Main Courses

Cottage Pie

Bacon Wrapped Tudor Pork


Sticky Toffee Pudding

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