About Creatively Paleo

Hello and welcome to Creatively Paleo!

My name is Pru, and I'm the creative creator behind this website.

I get a lot of input from my family, who sometimes wonder if their sole role in life is to act as guinea pigs for my interesting concoctions! Of course they don't mind at all when the recipes work out, which happens more and more frequently, thankfully!

We are a family of 6 - mum, dad and 4 children. We range in age from 43 down to 5.

We currently live in the North West of England, but we all have a bit of the travel bug in us so who knows where we might be this time next year!

We dabbled with raw veganism for a while after my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, as research lead us to believe that that was the best option to help him to recover. 

I was a vegetarian for over 20 years, and all of my children were brought up vegetarian until about 4 years ago when, after much discussion and research, we decided to introduce meat into our diet.

I have been following a paleo diet since May 2011, having first tried out a low carb diet with the South Beach Diet. The rest of the family jumped in at various points along the way, although my husband can still be found munching on wheat products when he's out on the road.

We have all seen huge changes in our overall health and well being, and are firmly committed to living a paleo lifestyle as a result.

Why We Aren't Perfectly Paleo

If you've had a look around our website you will see that we do like to indulge in the paleoification of sweet treats. This is also known as SWYPO  (Sex With Your Pants On) in Whole 30. We can totally see that eating a perfectly clean, paleo diet with no SWYPO treats would be the optimum way of eating, but... 

In our view, eating safer, cleaner versions of the sweet things we loved, is infinitely better for us than giving in to the temptation to eat the things that we know would make us ill.

From a psychological point of view, feeling deprived is not living in an optimum mental state. The mind body connection is an incredibly important part of human health, and whilst food is fuel for our bodies, it is also the source of intense sensory pleasure.

Living without great tasting treats makes US feel deprived. If you don't, that's fantastic! Good for you! But even Robb Wolf has said there is no one size fits all paleo diet (I'm not saying that he meant it was open season on SWYPO!) we're all just doing the very best we can for ourselves and our families, and paleo is a fantastic guide to work out just exactly which 'size' fits us best.

Our Wish For The World

  • We would LOVE for everyone to have access to the very best food available to them. 
  • We would LOVE for everyone to see how much damage we are doing to ourselves and our children through poor diets. 
  • We would LOVE for all food to be clean and free from nasty chemicals.
  • We would LOVE for all the animals that we have the privilege of eating, to be loved and cared for, and to be fed only the very best food, before sacrificing their lives for our continued health.
  • We would LOVE for everyone to have access to land to grow their own food.
  • We would LOVE for everyone to have access to clean water.

We believe that change starts at an individual level. As more and more individuals choose to embrace the best diet they can, it WILL impact the rest of the world.

Organic, free range, local. These are the things that will affect change in the world. So we do our utmost to live these wishes in our daily life, and we will actively promote companies we believe will further these aims.

How We Can Help You To Be Happy

  • We can inspire you to get creative in the kitchen. 
  • We can help you to choose better treats for those days when you just need the comfort that only food can provide.
  • We can encourage you to choose the best foods you can for you and yours.
  • We can help you to benefit from our experience by sharing the things that work for us with you.
  • We can inspire you to change your diet and embrace improved health.
  • We can inspire you to try something new.

Whatever you take away from our website, we wish you the very best on your journey to health and fitness.

With love

The Creatively Paleo Family

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