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Creatively Paleo Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Festive Greetings
December 06, 2013

Can you believe that it is already a week into December? Are you running round organising yourself for the festive season or are you all chilled and relaxed?

Here in the Creatively Paleo house it's almost as though Christmas has already happened, as we've been working on our Festive Feast recipe book for the past month or so! Still, at least it wasn't Christmas in July - that would've been a whole barrel of no fun during the heatwave!

We're ever so pleased with this collection of recipes that range from chorizo pretzels to clove and cranberry lamb rack to traditional mince pies and christmas pudding. We've got a bit of an international feel too with some classic German recipes for Lebkuchen and Stollen.

This book was meant to be smaller than the ice cream book, but it ended up being 81 pages long! We kept the price low though because we want it to be affordable for as many people as possible at what is an expensive time of year! Have a look at some of the photos we think they'll get your mouth watering ;-)

We've made it possible for you to earn money from the sale of our books too - if you sign up for our affiliate scheme then you can earn 25% of the cost for any sales that come through you!

Once again 10% of the profits will be going to our two favourite food related organisations The Soil Association and The Organic Consumers Association. Such worthy causes in our opinion.

If you've bought either of our books we would be incredibly grateful if you could let us know what you thought of it - good bad or indifferent! We can only improve our products if we know where we're going right (or wrong!). Drop us an email here

We're still working on a few extra recipes, if they work then we'll be adding them to the book and sending out updated versions to everyone who has bought a copy.

We've added a few new recipes to the site in the last month - slow cooker recipes that are great winter warmers and time savers.

We're going to have a wee break for Christmas and the New Year, but keep an eye on the site as we might put up some new recipes when we get a spare moment.

If you have any favourite recipes that you'd like to see us paleofied do drop us a line, or leave a comment on our facebook page we'd love to hear from you!

That's about all other than we wish you all a peaceful and healthy festive period and 2014

Much love

The Creatively Paleo Family

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