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What is Creatively Paleo?
Paleo Food - Paleo Recipes - Paleo Lifestyle Explored 

So what is "Creatively Paleo" and what are these "Paleo Recipes"? For us it's a lifestyle; it's not just about the food we eat, although that is enormously important of course; it's about how we live and the way we spend our time and energy. The ideas will come in the form of recipes - all of which are by nature gluten free recipes; hints and tips for effective exercise habits; interesting articles relating to a paleo or primal lifestyle; and, we hope, lots of fun ideas for living a playful life.

Did Our Ancestors Know How To Live Better?
Paleo Food - Paleo Recipes - Paleo Lifestyle Explored 

We are very fortunate to be able to access incredible food with ease - no going out with the tribe armed with spears and bows and arrows for us, we can drive to the supermarket or the local farmers market and the hard work has been done for us. But as a result, often these days children (and many adults) have no idea where their food originated from, other than the supermarket.

Many of us have become disconnected from the thing that fuels us, although there is definitely a shift back towards home grown and local food, which can only be a good thing in our quest for a healthy lifestyle for us and ours.

If we look at how our ancestors lived, we might think that our lives have evolved beyond any kind of recognition, but ultimately we need the same things our ancestors did:

  • Good Food
  • Decent Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Play

Our modern lifestyle has us becoming increasingly disconnected from the way our ancestors lived, and whilst in many ways our lives have improved, this disconnection is showing up in increasing health problems from obesity to type 2 diabetes. Many people are exploring a gluten free diet as a path to health and longevity, which is proving useful for lots of people, but a paleo diet takes it leaps and bounds further and could be said to be the ultimate healthy lifestyle as it encompasses so much more than food.It takes the best of our modern conveniences and mixes it up with the basic human needs that haven't changed over millennia. 

Of course such a radical dietary shift isn't easy to begin with, and this is where paleo recipes and gluten free recipes become key tools for success.

Who Is Behind Creatively Paleo?

We are a family of 6 living in the UK who have been following the paleo healthy lifestyle for almost 2 years now. Former Vegetarians, we took a radical path change after extensive research and cues from our bodies which started with gluten free recipes but quickly evolved into paleo recipes after realising how much we were being affected by things that are considered healthy by so many.

The greatest improvements our family has seen have been around weight loss (mum) which has stayed off without any effort, and digestive health improvements (everyone). 

We love to share our ideas for healthy recipes for life with anyone who is interested and this is why we have created this website.

Creatively Paleo sums up the essence of a good life to us - we can take the wisdom of our ancestors and mix it with our modern day luxuries to create a healthy lifestyle that it truly worth living.

We hope you enjoy delving into our window on the world, and that you enjoy creating alongside us as we explore many wonderful paleo ideas so that you can be your very own paleo success story!

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